Sustainable House Visit October 2012

Sustainable House Visit

Sustainable House Visit Saturday 27th October 1:30pm

Wayne and Wendy Deller hosted our October event and provided an inspiring and informative session. Wayne described the process of planning and building their strawbale home and explained the factors the couple considered when designing it. Wayne and Wendy showed us through their home and surrounding gardens. All aspects of the environment have been carefully considered to meet their needs and purpose and most of the materials used are recycled. They have carried out extensive research and some trial and error and were happy to share all of their knowledge with us on Saturday. Have a look at the photos and blurb below which describes what they have achieved.


When Wayne and Wendy Deller set out to build their house, they aimed for one which would be warm in winter and cool in summer.  They also wanted to be independent of the energy grid and to have minimal energy demands.

And they have it !

The house is rendered straw bale, plastered in mud made from the soil which came from the dam excavation.     The indoors temperature variation is from 17oC in winter to 24oC in summer.

Sometimes in the depths of winter they burn a log in the heater but that’s about as far as artificial heating goes.

The great stabiliser is the thermal mass from the specially finished concrete floor (that doesn’t look like concrete) and some of the internal walls.

Wendy said, “Another major contributing factor is the orientation of the house which is really part of the design. The house faces North which means that the high in the sky summer sun doesn’t enter directly, but in winter the opposite applies and we get the full benefit of the winter sun. We have no need for expensive energy consuming air conditioning”.

Wayne added proudly “Nothing’s wasted here.    We have the photovoltaic cells on the roof making electricity for us; we have water tanks to collect the rain with overflow going out the dam for the stock and we have a composting toilet.   When we built we kept a close eye on cost.   In building, we maximised the use of recycled materials wherever possible, and the cost of running can be measured in cents.  We have very little expense”.

What the couple have achieved in the seven short years they have been there is quite remarkable.   Their time demands are minimised, with many willing workers in the form of ducks, chooks and guinea pigs looking after garden pests and weeds.

Wayne and Wendy are opening their house to the Goldfields Sustainability Group tomorrow.  Anybody interested are welcome to come along.  GSG will be meeting at the rear of the Community Hub at 1.30 for around a 20 minute drive out to the Deller’s. Bring a small donation for the GSG and expect an interesting and informative afternoon.

If you’d like more information, or want to meet us out there, phone Richard King on 0401 551 603.