Statement Of Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to

1. Foster and develop principles of environmental sustainability amongst the members

2. Foster, develop and promote principles of sustainability to the wider community

For the context of this document sustainability involves the long-term maintenance of well being for current and future generations. Living more sustainably can take many forms from reorganising living conditions, to reappraising economic sectors, using science to develop new technologies or adjusting our lifestyles to conserve natural resources.

In pursuit of this purpose we will:

  • provide opportunities for understanding, inspiration, action and hope.
  • reduce the Shire’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions
  • assist residents to use natural resources wisely
  • encourage the transition to renewable sources of energy
  • protect, restore and rehabilitate the natural environment


Key operating strategies:

  • · provide a regular program of sustainability meetings and workshops
  • · research ways in which our community can be more sustainable
  • · raise awareness of environmental issues and opportunities for action
  • · contribute support to local and regional sustainability initiatives
  • · advocate sustainability policies to local, state and national government
  • · use the media to promote sustainable practices
  • · establish interest-based working groups
  • · maintain a website
  • · publish regular monthly updates
  • · secure funding and in-kind resources for sustainability initiatives
  • · establish a public fund called the Goldfields Sustainability Fund


Key operating principles

  • · encourage people of all ages to participate, including school children
  • · encourage sharing of tools, produce, experience and information
  • · acknowledge and value the contribution that all members of our community can make
  • · engage in open discussion that respects and values a diversity of ideas and opinions
  • · foster sustainability action in all central goldfields settlements
  • · Improved air, water, soils and ecosystem quality.