Pruning Workshop July 2012

Our much anticipated pruning workshop was held on Saturday 14th July at 10am. The knowledgeable Dave Schuppan from Carramar Nursery ran an information session and demonstration.  Aileen Marshall provided hot drinks to warm us up on a wintry Saturday morning.

Dave’s presentation was fantastic. It was simple and easy to follow, yet provided us with a wealth of essential information. Dave explained the differences between stone and pome varieties of trees when pruning and showed us what to do when you first buy a fruit tree. We were enthralled as he trimmed the roots and pruned the tree into a vase shape. Dave also pointed out how to distinguish between fruit and leaf buds. A few eager participants remained at the end of the session to have a go on Aileen’s fruit trees. We hope we have contributed to the health of next season’s bounty!

The following short videos filmed on the day capture some of the main messages from Dave: (They may take a little while to load. Stick with it though!)

Shaping Fruiting Trees

Pruning in the first year


The 3 D’s

Fruiting buds on stone fruit

Fruiting buds on Pomes


Have a look at the photos below too! Happy Pruning!