June Event 2014 Stoney Creek Oils

A crowd of 20 people gathered on the factory floor of Stoney Creek Oils for a presentation by Fred Davies on Saturday 28th June. Fred talked about the genesis of the oil milling enterprise, explaining how it started in the recession of 1989, and then expanded rapidly into the successful business that it is today.


Fred outlined the different types of oil seeds that are processed at Stoney Creek. These include linseed, flaxseed, jojoba, hemp, chia, grape-seed, sunflower and safflower. Fred’s oils are all cold pressed, the process of mechanically separating oil from the seed by application of pressure only, without the addition of heat or chemicals. This method maintains the natural structure of the oil, with all its natural characteristics.




Fred also described how the by-products from the process of milling are used. For example, flax seed meal is used as a fibre additive for a variety of food products. Fred provided a delicious slice for afternoon tea which contained flax meal. Nothing is wasted at Stoney Creek, with by products that can’t be used for human consumption passed onto local goat and pig farmers to feed their livestock.












Fred extolled the virtues of Omega 3, of which Stoney Creek Oils are a rich natural source. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the Omega 3 essential fatty acid is considered an essential nutrient for human health and well-being. The human body cannot make Omega 3, therefore it must be obtained from a food source.


After Fred’s presentation, we were able to view the machines at work, and enjoyed hearing more from Fred as we toured the different stages of the milling process. Fred talked about the limitations of electricity supply to his factory and disclosed his plans to make up the energy deficit with a biodiesel generator. He would like to use mustard seed grown on the property as the source of the biodiesel.


We ended the session with afternoon tea and a browse of the Stoney Creek products in the shopfront. One lucky attendee even took home a large free bag of flax-meal for her pet pig!



Although it was a cold and windy day, and the destination was out of town, it was a great turn out. Getting to Stoney Creek was aided by the generous assistance of Ian DeLacey from Cumberland House who provided car-pooling in his minibus.

Have a look at the Stoney Creek website here.