GSG Bike Maintenance Event 26th April 2014.

For this event GSG president Richard King was joined by Daniel Davies of Dragon Cycles to cover some basics of bicycle maintenance such as puncture repair, simple adjustments and knowing when to take your bike to a mechanic, along with the advantages of cycling for transport and cycling on local trails and with local groups.


Being comfortable on your bike is an important part of enjoying riding so participants were given some advice on seat and handlebar adjustment – remember your knee should be only slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal stroke.
Richard and Daniel followed this by showing some basic signs that your bike needs maintenance before more damage is done, such as looking for play in the wheel, crank and headset bearings,  and checking your chain and gears for wear.


While on the subject of chains, the group learned the correct way to lubricate the chain – using a purpose-made bike chain lubricant was the most important message here.
Richard then demonstrated how to repair a puncture using a puncture repair kit – too much information to summarise in this article but follow this link to a PDF about puncture repair:
The presentation ended with bit of information about local routes to ride, most of which can be found here:
or a map of these routes can be purchased at the Maryborough Visitor Information Centre for $5.

The local groups that ride are informal but meet regularly and all are welcome.  For road bikes, meet at the post office on Sunday mornings at 9am, for mountain biking meet at Dragon Cycles on High st  at 5:30pm on Thursdays (you’ll need a strong light through the winter). A new women’s mountain biking group has been established by Jacqui Calvert. A flyer is attached to this email. This group meets at the Bristol Hill Carpark at 9:30am every 1st Saturday of the month. Please circulate the flyer to your networks.

Mountain Biking For Women

Cumberland House also offer Winery and Bike Trails which is an excellent alternative to touring around the local area by bus or car.

After the presentation we rode to Ripples on the Res for some afternoon tea. It was a great way to test out our newly adjusted bikes and to spend some time chatting about all things sustainable.