February 2014 Event-Preserving Day

The MaryboroughTown Hall kitchen was hive of activity on Saturday afternoon. (22nd February 2014) The occasion was the Vacola Preserving workshop presented by the Street Harvest and Goldfields Sustainability Group. While we enjoyed eating nectarines, Fay White outlined using the Vacola Preserving equipment, covering historical and current principles of the system and explaining how to ensure the bottles, jars, rings and lids were usable and choosing suitable fruit.





The seventeen participants then started preparing a range of mostly donated fruit; Plums, pears, apples, nectarines, tomatoes. These were put into vacola jars, whole, halved, sliced or stewed. All fruit was bottled in water. We sat around enjoying some previously bottled cherry plums, sharing more information and experiences as the three Vacola units cooked and preserved the bottles we had prepared.
















Everyone left with a bottle of fruit to enjoy, feeling confident about using this food preserving method. A list of possible sources of secondhand Vacola units and jars will help participants put into practice their new skills.



Vacola Day 5

More information about the Fowlers preserving method can be found here in the Fowlers method fact sheet. The fact sheet contains the basic steps for using an electric tips, ideas for successful preserving and a list of resources and websites. There is also a list of preserving equipment that people in the local area have available for sale.   Vacola Day 1  Vacola Day 3