Event December 2013 – Sustainable Transport Day

Our last event for the year was a recognition of sustainable transport. A small but enthusiastic group of bike riders met at the Hub on Sunday 8th December at 12pm to ride out to Carisbrook.DSC_0018

We cycled out along the bike path from Maryborough to Carisbrook with a strong northerly tail wind aiding our passage. The trail is well maintained and sealed and it was a very enjoyable ride alongside the highway to Deep Creek Picnic Area.DSC_0019







A few more members met us at Deep where we shared lunch and good conversation.

At 2pm we headed to the Carisbrook Railway Station for the “Walk the Line Rally” in support of the return of DSC_0022passenger trains between Geelong, Bendigo, Castlemaine, Ballarat and Maryborough.


More specifically, this return will mean:

  • Repair and reopening of the Castlemaine – Maryborough Rail Line
  • More passenger trains between Maryborough and Ballarat.
  • Trains from Maryborough connecting via Castlemaine to Melbourne and Bendigo
  • Passenger trains between Ballarat and Geelong
  • Reopening of the Moolort silo complex and ballast siding and more efficient freight handling along the Bendigo corridor

About 200 people were in attendance to support the Rail Revival Alliance. Duncan Ramsey, Noel Laidlaw and Janine Perry addressed the crowd before we marched around the railway line behind a banner proclaiming “Let’s put the shine back on the rails,” waving our train tickets and proudly displaying our stickers. Barry Rinaldi, the mayor of the Central Goldfields Shire also addressed the crowd to inform us about the council’s support of increasing passenger trains for shire residents.



Noel Laidlaw has written an alternative costing proposal to the feasibility study produced by the government in June 2013. Noel’s calculations and research refute the inflated proposed price range of $760-935 million. Have a read of Noel’s report Laidlaw Rail Revival Study Ver2.5



The Rail Revival Alliance are seeking 4000 signatures on a petition to present it to the Napthine government. Please print and distribute the petitions by clicking Rail Revival Petition. The petitions can also be accessed through the Rail Revival Alliance facebook page here The petitions can be returned to:

Janine Perry

PO Box 12

Carisbrook 3464