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  • Richard says:

    Horse manure
    $25 trailer load
    Delivered to Maryborough, Talbot, Carisbrook, Dunach, Craigie, Daisy Hill, Red Lion
    Phone Richard 0401551603

  • Kat says:

    Vintage Bicycle for Sale

    A truly wonderful 1980’s ladies step through that is in original condition. ‘Florence’ is in pristine original condition, paint and stickers as they were when she was made almost 30 years ago. She has a new chain, tyres, tubes, brake / gear cables and casings, new brake pads, bell and handlebar grips and all hubs and bearings have been fully serviced. Rust on the chrome has been removed and treated, and then polished along with the paint on the frame and forks. ‘Florence’ has colour matching front and rear mudguards, as well as her original and highly unique gold pinstriping.

    Available for purchase for $350, pick up from Red Lion/Dunach.

    Contact Katherine 0422060704 who can put you in touch with photos and the loving restorer!

  • Costa says:

    Apple Cider Vinegar.
    My ACV has been described by many people as the best they have ever tasted. I make it with a lot of care and work from apples grown in Harcourt and it also contains 10% wild harvested apples. It is chock full of living culture though the mother is not obvious (mother is 99% cellulose and 1% microbes).

    $7 per 750ml bottle.

    Acetaria Vinegar