• Mandy Crameri, a GSG member has the following book available to borrow:

‘The Psychology of Environmental Problems’ by Susan Koger and Deborah Winter. I can lend this to any one interested in the topic. Eleven thought provoking chapters looking at the history of our world views, social, behavioural, development and cognitive psych, also holistic approach- all in regards to how we view the sustainability issue. It is very readable and an invaluable resource for all those with a passion for sustainability.

Contact Mandy if you would like to borrow it.


  • Val Dwyer, another GSG member has generously donated books belonging to her partner, Brendan Dwyer. They include:
Amateur Builder’s Handbook by Hubbard Cobb
The One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka
Strawbale Home Building – Earth garden Books
The Olive Grove by Patrice Newell
Grow What Where, Australian native Plants for problem areas and speacial uses-Australian Plant Study Group
Fireplaces by Ken Kern and Steve Magers
How to plan and build fireplaces-Sunset Books
The Fat of the Land-John Seymour
Planning and building your fireplace by Margaret and Wilbur Eastman
Shirley Stackhouse’s Gardening Year
Self Help Housing edited by Dennis Ingeman and Allan Rodger
Permaculture A Designer’s Manual by Bill Mollison
Australian Traditional Bush Crafts by Ron Edwards
Thatch and Thatching by Jacqueline Fearn
Adobe Guidleines Ministry of Housing and Construction, Victoria
A Far Cry Neil Douglas spinning yarns with Abbie Heathcote
Alternative Housing by Alistair Knox
Step by Step Outdoor Brickwork by Penny Swift and Janek Szymanowski
Building your own home by George Wilkie and Stuart Arden
How to build a wood frame house by L.O.Anderson
The Compleat Farmer compiled by the Main Street Press
Contact to borrow these books