August 2012 Event: Seeds

August 2012 Event Seed Saving and Propagation

Twenty five people braved the cool and windy weather to attend our August event at the Talbot Railway Nursery on Saturday 25th August. We were treated to an entertaining afternoon as Ralph shared his experiences and knowledge of plants with the group.

Ralph’s philosophy is simple: he re-uses everything and only grows what’s suitable for local conditions. He taught us how to propagate plants with the minimum of fuss and chemicals. Ralph explained how easy and economical it is to save seeds and stressed the importance of swapping them with others. He described various seed types and how to save and store them. We were also given some tips about where to buy bulk planting goods in Maryborough.

Ralph encouraged everyone to experiment and learn from trial and error. He has built up his wealth of knowledge through his practical experiences.

We ended the afternoon with a cup of tea and question session with Ralph. Many took the opportunity to browse Ralph’s nursery and purchase a variety of plants and seeds.

Ralph’s nursery is open 7 days and he is always available to give gardening advice.  We thank him for his time and expertise.

We are also grateful to Goldfields Shire Council from whom we received the grant for the gazebo and tables that we used for the first time on Saturday!


Our next event is at Talbot Railway Nursery August 25th from 1-3pm

Please bring some afternoon tea to share