April 18th 2015 – Native tree planting at the Maryborough Community Garden

It was a very pleasant environment at Maryborough Community Garden for an afternoon of tree planting and gardening. There had been 4mm of rain over the previous 24 hrs and it was calm, mild and sunny.

comm gard tree

Our thanks to Jim Richardson for his planting advice and the trees. We planted eight trees as a windbreak. It was a bit of work as the ground was a bit hard despite some earlier preparation. We also assembled storage bays from pallets and then filled them a couple of trailer loads of donated soil to store until the apple crates are planted. Berry plants were planted along the side of the garden shed. The garden bed was covered by some carpet underlay. More wicking gardens were made in broccoli boxes and we replanted the existing raised garden beds with a variety of seedlings and seeds including peas, beetroot and lettuces.

Comm gard 18-4

It wasn’t all work. It was a pleasant afternoon to stop for afternoon tea and chat, enjoying looking at the changes we were making to the community garden. Fifteen people over a 2 hr period can achieve a lot. It was great to be a part of the development of the Maryborough Community Garden. Thanks to the GSG friends and supporters who helped make it all happen.

comm gard 18-5 Jim

You can visit the garden at the western edge of the grounds of the Salvation Army at 27 Wills St. (rear of the old Cal Gully Tennis courts and new Maryborough Men’s shed). Contact Margaret Parsons 54605388 for more information about the Maryborough Community Garden project.