Event April 2013 – Olive Preserving Session

An enthusiastic and knowledgeable crowd gathered at the home of Fiona Silver on Saturday 20th April to learn about olive preserving. Prior to the session, Fiona prepared several olive dips, olive bread and flavoured preserved olives which were available for tasting throughout the afternoon. Fiona led us through the whole process of olive preserving from harvest to curing. She outlined the equipment required and the processes of washing, soaking, rinsing and brining. Fiona showed us how to marinate olives ready for the table and also explained how to bake them for eating. Fiona outlined both the Brine Method and Salt method for curing olives.



Click here for a copy of the recipes Fiona provided on the day.

Fay White also led a discussion on preserving with Fowlers and bottling with pop top screw jars. She had some great tips regarding maintaining quality and appearance of your preserved fruits and vegetables. Fay has offered to run a preserving session next summer where we can see her in action and work alongside her in the kitchen to learn from her experience.


The rest of the afternoon was devoted to eating and swapping knowledge. We sampled Fiona’s delicious olive bread with olive spreads, olives, the Street Harvest condiments such as jam and chutney as well as a delicious afternoon tea. Many participants shared their own stories of preserving and some brought samples of their own food to share. We took samples of the olives home and left inspired to try our hand at preserving on our own!


Thanks to Fiona for allowing us to use her home for the presentation. She went to a great effort in setting up the displays and providing the olive based food. The presentation was extremely informative and professionally presented. We appreciate the time that Fiona put into planning and preparing this event for us. Fay is also to be commended for presenting her segment and we look forward to a future session with her after next summer’s harvest.





Olive preserving April 2013