2nd March – Sustainable Waste Management in Central Goldfields Shire.


About 20 people assembled at 6pm on Mon 2nd March at the Carisbrook Transfer station in Potts Lane to learn about efforts Central Goldfields make to provide ratepayers with a sustainable waste collection system. Sustainable in this context means collecting and disposing of the waste of 890 Central Goldfields residents in ways that meet the requirements of the EPA and health authorities. And at minimum cost to ratepayers

Participants learnt what happens to the waste we put in our waste and recycle bins, or for some attending, the extra green waste bin they have arranged to use .We learnt that since the landfill at Carisbrook had been capped all waste collected is transported out of Maryborough. For example, recyclables are trucked to Melbourne.

It is a sobering thought that each tonne of non recyclable waste dealt with in this way costs council around $100 or more. This is where smart waste management strategies become important. If 30% by weight of waste is green waste and can be recycled on site, considerable savings can result. This motivated Council in 2011 to trial a composting method to turn green waste into compost. As well as saving money with less waste to transfer a useful product is created. Hence the name “Small Vessel Composter Trial (Food from Waste)”project, that was jointly funded by a grant and Central Goldfields Shire Council.

At present only participants in the trial can receive the compost produced. It is hoped that teething problems in mulching the green waste prior to processing will be overcome and the trial expanded so that composting is an example of very sustainable and economically viable waste management strategy for the shire.

More information about the green bins can be found at;