Electric Vehicles – April 30

Electric bikes help people ride further, mobility scooters are a boon for the injured, disabled and elderly, hybrid cars and trucks help minimise fuel consumption for fleets, and several exotic, luxury electric and hybrid cars compete at the high end of the market.

But where did the electric vehicle come from? And where is it headed?

At 2pm this Saturday 30th April, the Goldfields Sustainability Group will present a talk on Electric Vehicles at the Community Hub in Nolan St.

The presentation will cover the history of EVs, the technology and social forces driving EV design and manufacture, the different types of EVs currently available, and, of course, an assessment of EVs from a sustainability standpoint.

For anyone with an electric bike, scooter, car etc, you are invited to bring your EV down to show it off.

The presentation is open to all, with a chance to chat over some afternoon tea afterwards, so please bring a plate.


Need more information? Contact Barry mob 0423822506